Rules & Regulations:

All daily visitors are subject to a $5 visitor fee per day and all nightly (overnight) an $8 fee. Campers are in charge of enforcing this fee, and if this occurs once, will be corrected, if it occurs a second time, will be requested to terminate their lease.

Definition of a recreational vehicle: tag-a-long, tent, pop up, slide-in, motor home, or fifth wheel, using GAD and 12 volt electric converter.

Sites are for one camper only. The occasional use of a tent is permitted, but can not be left up permanently.

Washing of cars, trucks, vans, etc., is prohibited.

For our protection and for yours, please allow holding tanks to fill up before emptying. 

The underwriting labs have ruled that the use of 15 AMP plugs, such as those on a toaster, to connect to our service is dangerous. A 30 AMP plug is available from RV dealers.

Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM to 9:00 AM. Please keep to yourself and your audience, and do not be loud. A disturbance to another camper during this time is encouraged to be reported to our management.


Loud, abusive, or profane language is not permitted.

Dumpster is available near the first cabin upon pulling in, on the K lane. Do not leave trash on site. No leaves go in the trash. Please ask management for assistance.

No one may occupy an RV without supervision of registered camper and without registering with the management.

No harm, cutting, defacing, or ornamentation/decoration of trees is permitted. Firewood is available for sale.

The use of any firearm, including but not limited to BB guns, slingshots, and those firearms requiring license by law, are not permitted.

Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash. Barking, whining, etc. that annoys other campers will not be tolerated. Absolutely no dangerous dog breeds are allowed, including pit bulls, rottweilers, dobermans, bull mastiff, and any dog with a bite history/vicious history. We reserve the right to bar any dog(s) from our campground.

No motorized vehicles are allowed in grass area, including by lake and stage, except for golf carts.

Speed limit is five MPH throughout the entire campground. Warnings will be given, and this will be enforced.

Please respect your fellow campers. If you have a complaint, bring it to us. If we decide to not act on your complaint, do not feud with the camper.

The use of dirt bikes, mini bikes, ATV's, and motor scooters is prohibited. 

Storage sheds shall be used to store camping supplies and equipment. Sheds must be approved by management.

Campground visitors are responsible for their camper and all their personal items. We shall not be held responsible for any loss of personal items or damage done to camper.

No lifeguard is provided at the pool. All swimming will be done at your own risk. No swimming after 8:00 P.M. All campers and visitors subject to all pool rules: absolutely no diving, running, or horseplay will be permitted in the pool area. We reserve the right to rent the pool facilities to private parties without prior notice. Pool hours, when open, are 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

A payment plan is a binding lease. Early termination will result in a no fee return. However, it will not void tenants' responsibility to pay.

We reserve the right to remove any camper for violation of any of these rules, including but not limited to non-payment.

Leased sites must be kept clean and mowed.

Paddle boats are available at $5 an hour. Life jackets are mandatory.


We reserve the right to deny renting.


There will be no washing machines or dryers. Please use another method such as laundromat instead.

Firewood cannot be brought in. All firewood must be purchased at the campground.